Fee-Based Services

    SDP* Core Competencies:
    Cultural and Linguistic Accessibility Services
    Customizable research-based programming at affordable prices!

    • Education: BRIDGE provides quality curriculum, planning, and delivery for school-based and workplace multicultural education, cultural literacy and diversity programming. BRIDGE works with public and private educational institutions from grades K-12 and undergraduate programs to provide family engagement, parent education, mentoring and a variety of programs for all ages.

    • Cultural Literacy Programs: BRIDGE services include diversity training, cultural competence training and multicultural awareness workshops. We design and facilitate forums, conferences, speeches, and retreats focused on integrating diversity into the workplace and in communities. We provide cultural proficiency assessments and planning for all organizations.

    • Workplace Language Classes:
    BRIDGE provides workplace foreign language classes targeted to increase effective communication between staff and customers/clients of diverse backgrounds.

    • Translation & Interpretation:
    BRIDGE provides access to professional written translation and oral interpretation for all workplace environments, educational settings and community-based organizations.

    • Organization evaluation & assessment: BRIDGE evaluates current conditions and recommends targeted, comprehensive solutions to move organizations toward cultural literacy and cultural proficiency. BRIDGE customizes state of the art diversity methodologies and employs best practices for integrating diverse cultures.

    • Recruitment, placement, integration and retention:
     BRIDGE’s omnibus approach integrates diverse professionals in to your workforce culture and the wider Berkshire community. BRIDGE partners with recruitment agencies, internship programs, and colleges.

    • BRIDGE Business Outreach and Emergency Fund
    gives your organization or business a chance to showcase its commitment to the many facets of a well-functioning diverse community.