Youth Corps (diversity leadership & community stewardship)

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Real Talk Time for Berkshire Youth

Need someone to listen while you vent? Need someone to talk you through it? Are you stressed out? Want to build some skills to deal with your issues, conflicts or day-to-day problems? Are you feeling isolated? Are you feeling confused? Want some peer support? Want to be a leader? Want a safe place to just be yourself and have a good time - just talking? Are you feeling PRESSURE? Are you feeling invisible or not heard? Do you have some ideas you want to share? Are you looking for something to do?
Are you wondering: is it because I am a girl? is it because I’m gay?
is it because I am Black, Latino, Jewish, African? is it because I don’t have money?
Shared space to talk it out with trained diversity youth leaders & peers.
“If you can’t be real, stay home.
If you want some Real Talk, drop in.”

Where do you find Real Talk Time Spring 2013?
• PHS Afterschool • Greylock ABC House • Mt. Greylock High School