Race Task Force


A network of local leaders dedicated to education, dialogue and actions surrounding race and ethnicity that will effect change and create a safe and inclusive community.

Meetings take place monthly with delegates from public safety, health and human services, along with political representatives, educators and dedicated Berkshire County residents.

Topics include civic engagement and ongoing education.

Race Task Force Adopted Definition of RACISM (White Privilege + Economic Power + Racial Prejudice) 
Systemic Analysis on Race/Equity (Individual, Interpersonal, Cultural and Institutional) adopted by BRIDGE and BRIDGE Race Task Force


Goals and Action Steps
1. Goal: To stay informed about racism and support the diversity in our community action.
  • Mobilize the network to respond to incidents of discrimination and prejudice-by attending rallies, writing letters, mediating, educating.
  • Support educational efforts conducted by BRIDGE
  • Produce a newspaper column that addresses of diversity
2. Goal: Increase the opportunities for social interaction among diverse populations
  • Provide opportunities for continued discussion of racism issues by holding follow up Dialogue on Race events.
  • Increase number of school that do “mix it up lunches” to include at 3 new middle/high schools throughout the county.
  • Expand cultural competency training in schools and workplaces starting with preschool
  • Recognize individuals and agency annually who demonstrate a commitment to reducing racism in our community.
3. Goal: Promote a diverse workforce
  • Assist in the creation of environments that supports a diverse workforce with policies and practices for creative recruiting (e.g. fact sheets, identifying local qualified potential employees, engaging with regional diversity employment agencies in collaboration with BRIDGE and other Task Force members)
  • Connect potential candidates of diverse ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds with local employers.
Race Task Force:
Gwendolyn VanSant, Chair
Peter Dillon
Chief Michael J. Wynn
Rev. Natalie Shiras
Marjorie Cohan
Luci Leonard
Anaelisa Vanegas-Farrerra
Bob Austen
Richard B Wilcox
Joyce Armstrong
Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier
Mulazimuddin Rasool, EdD
Linda Tyer
Lois Hobbs
Nzima Hutchings
Luisa Leija
Mayor Richard Alcombright
Otha Day

Task Force Meeting Times
Meets first Monday of each month
Time: noon – 1:30pm
Location: Pittsfield
(please email us for location)