Art Administration Intern

posted May 19, 2014, 9:28 AM by Jv Hampton-VanSant

Teaching Assistant Intern Program—

for students ages 17 and above who are considering an art education career, have previous work experience, and previous experience working with children. Two to eight week internships are available. Interns will assist students and teachers in IS183’s summer camp classrooms, set up student art shows, and gain office experience.  Teaching Assistant Interns will receive a $100 weekly stipend and have the opportunity to audit one evening or weekend adult class. Interns who are interested in administrative work at a non-profit organization can gain extended time working in IS183’s office.

Teaching Intern Program—

for college students and graduates who are interested in teaching the arts but have no prior experience or education degree. During this eight week program interns will gain experience in teaching by assisting and observing in IS183’s youth summer camps, attending weekly classes, participating in a seminar series, reflecting on their experiences, and talking with faculty, students, and peers about their teaching and learning experiences. Teaching Interns will gain experience in classroom management, lesson planning, curriculum development, and effective teaching strategies. All Teaching Interns have the opportunity to audit one evening or weekend adult class.

Further detail on the summer internship program and application information is available at, or by contacting Lucie Castaldo, Coordinator of Curriculum Development, at