Community-Based Programs

Youth Diversity Leadership Programs:
Youth Corps & Real Talk

Addressing societal issues facing her younger generation such as racism teen pregnancy gender gender identity and sexuality. These issues are often the foundation of bullying substance abuse tempting to decide. For training and facilitated conversation, BRIDGE equips young people with the language, resources and leadership skills to better serve them and their peers. Grade 7 through 12. Internships available.
The network of local leaders dedicated to education, dialogue and actions that will affect change and create a safe and inclusive community.

Women To Women Project
Empowerment and professional development for immigrant women and women of color.

Individual Case Management & Advocacy
Bridge staff provided in visualize support for families and individuals negotiating education, health care and legal systems, meeting basic needs, and dealing with crisis and transition.

Cultural and multilingual literacy for children of all backgrounds grades K through 6. Exploratory curriculum includes embracing diversity cultures learning foreign languages developing and identifying community and personal values, connecting to self and environment.

Media & Social Media

Bridge showcases community diversity with members of our community across all sectors including local column and blog, on the bridge, in the local newspaper and local community access television programs.

Facilitated Community Conversations
Bridge facilitates productive community dialogues on sensitive topics such as gender race parenting sexual identity sexuality bullying and other dimensions of diversity and culture.

Multicultural Presentations
Building community connections by celebrating diversity for dancers, community dinners, education, performances and art shows.

African American History Project
Sharing of heritage and legacy among current local residents.