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The Story Of Karen

The Story Of Karen

Karen came to BRIDGE through Construct Inc., located in Great Barrington.

She needed to supplement her income due to a recent separation, which had left her with sole custody of her child, and a lot of debt. Construct Inc. informed Karen about Multicultural BRIDGE and how they could help her stabilize during her life uncertain times. Karen had no idea how expansive BRIDGE’s ability to help her would be. 

Prior to Karen’s arrival in the US, she had secured an MBA in Finance and worked at a bank for eight years. In order for Karen to pursue her career in the states, BRIDGE helped Karen create a resume for the local market and apply to banks in the area. Karen has now been working at a local bank for two years.

BRIDGE also helped Karen throughout her divorce. Karen’s ex-husband was more familiar with the legal system and he used that against Karen. With the help of a lawyer that BRIDGE had provided, Karen was awarded full custody of her daughter. Karen and her lawyer also ended up becoming good friends and remain in regular contact to this day.

Additionally, Karen was unsure as to her citizenship status and how it would be impacted by the divorce. Luckily, BRIDGE helped Karen get another lawyer, sent letters to vouch for her about getting the green card, and after a year fighting, USCIS gave her permanent residence in January of this year. Karen now has hope for the future and is looking forward to the rest of her promising life. 

Karen could never have predicted being so happy and comfortable with her new life, especially considering how daunting it had been at times. Karen’s thankfulness to BRIDGE, her employer that just paid for her citizenship and everyone else who helped her is boundless.